Guy T. Burrows MD For Mayor of Palm Springs, California

  Physician specializing in Neurology         #1 on the ballot for Mayor

Background   I grew up in a midwestern town and my family suffered severe poverty requiring me to start working at age 12 in restaurants as a bus boy in order to eat. At the age of 14 after my parents divorce, I had no supervision due to my father working 3 jobs to make ends meet and my mother on welfare. With 6 brothers and sisters, I left home and never lived with my parents again. My parents were so distracted with their own problems they didn't know I was gone for over one year. I was on my own and lived on the streets for an extended period. I remember sleeping in abandoned buildings and crashing wherever I could. I was picked up in a police sweep but never identified as homeless and I was released. I eventually got arrested nearly 2 years later for juvenile deliquency and eventually placed in a job corp facility. Initially, I was a ward of the state until I was able to get a scholarship and accepted to college attending the University of Maryland without a high school diploma. I was able to get early admisssion to medical school without completing my college degree and began medical school after three years of college. I joke I never graduated from high school or college but I have a medical degree. I asked how does one do that and my answer is sheer determination. I have always believe the only limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves.  

During this mayoral race, I will lay out my ideas to address issues and concerns that affect our city and population.  I hope to earn your vote and the opportunity to serve as Mayor of Palm Springs. I see many issues affecting our city including homelessness, economic development while promoting our local businesses and preserving our history that are part of the character of Palm Springs, Measure J improprieties that need further exploration, school funding issues affecting our children and tribal relations affecting our community.

As a doctor working in pain, I work daily helping people change behavior and improving their lives. My sheer determination and methodical approach to problems coupled with people skills will help me address and solve problems affecting our city.  It takes a team of people to get a job done but strong and clear leadership helps lead the team to victory.  I want to be that leader for our city.

Please vote for me Tuesday, November 3, 2015
I earned my medical degree from George Washington University Medical School. I performed my residency training in Neurology at Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland Airforce Base, Texas. I am currently Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). Additionally, I trained in a fellowship of Peripheral Nerve Disorders and Sleep Medicine currently Board Certified by The American Board of Sleep Medicine (ABSM).
Veteran and Physician
I am a veteran of The Gulf War and I am grateful for the time I served and the medical school scholarship I received from the US Air Force which allowed me to serve 14 years including my medical school training. During my career as a doctor, I was certified as a Flight Surgeon serving as Surgeon General of my Wing during The Iraqi War. I oversaw a 1,000 bed hospital, several clinics in The Middle East and The Prisoner of War Camps. 

Before being honorably discharged from the US Air Force as a Major I was selected to serve at the Pentagon as Assistant to the US Air Force Surgeon General, but due to his early retirement I elected to leave the US Air Force and establish a private practice. I currently remain in Inactive Reserves. Other duties of responsibility included being President of the Medical Staff at Wilford Hall and AMA-Resident Physician Section US Air Force representative, also being elected to Military Section President and serving on the Board of Directors for Wilford Hall Medical Center. After leaving Wilford Hall I became Chief of Neurology at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.
My practice was most recently at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles as a Peripheral Nerve Specialist.  I was recruited by Desert Regional and fell in love with Palm Springs. I moved February of 2012 and joined the staff at Desert Regional Medical Center as a Neurologist. Additionally, I served as Vice Chair of the Pain and Palliative Care Section for the American Academy of Neurology from 2013-2015. I was a teaching doctor at Cedars-Sinai and AAN Annual Meeting

Problems Facing Our City
During the last 3 years of living in Palm Springs I have noticed a burgeoning homeless population invading residential and commercial properties with little response from the city to address or improve. Additionally, the development that is currently underway in the city has the appearence of undue favor and influence with large developers and already establised businesses obtaining measure J money while new entrepreneaurs have more difficulty obtaining any share of the measure J money. As a recently married man with children; I'm looking ahead to the schools in Palm Springs recognizing a lack of funding that impedes education.  Relations between the City Government and The tribal leadership has deteriorated.

I will work diligently to address the homeless problem where my personal youth tragedy and training as a Neurologist will help me understand the problems leading to homelessness including mental illness, addictions and poverty. I will use the same determination I used in my life to address my job as Mayor of Palm Springs.
Guy T. Burrows MD
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